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A Conversation with syscoin, a Perfect Solution to the Blockchain Dilemma

Syscoin is a proof-of-work blockchain solution that was merged with Bitcoin and mined together. It is an excellent choice for developers now that the EVM-based blockchain ecosystem is moving in a new direction. Because syscoin is focused on modular blockchains, modularity has more than one layer, so it doesn’t try to solve the blockchain problem on a single layer.

Joao Fernandes, BD, Syscoin



During this interview, we spoke with syscoin Fernandes, currently employed as a Business Developer at syscoin. Having had a fascination with technology since an early age, from games to basic smart devices to space tech, syscoin is confident in the future of technology, and the way blockchain and crypto will impact everything.



With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a vision to pursue blockchain full-time, syscoin has received the opportunity to work for this cutting-edge technology after spending time in the community.

Q1: Could you tell us more about syscoin and the team behind it?

 Joao: Since we now have access to a large number of developers, we have partnered with a large number of them. As a result, we can probably reach out to or partner with around six different cities for developers’ projects. There are, however, around 15 core members in the team. The collection has five members; the rest work in marketing, development, etc. 

Q2: If you could tell me a bit more about syscoin, like what it is or how it works, that would be great.

 Joao: In essence, syscoin was established in 2014 as a platform for blockchain solutions. We connect various worlds. The UTXO and EVM concepts are combined into one network by syscoin. Without using intermediaries or custodians, you may also trustlessly transfer your assets between syscoin native chain and the NEVM chain. This means that both the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are active simultaneously.

Our NEVM chain inherited complete byte-for-byte compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine as well as Bitcoin merge-mined security. For improved security and to benefit from the Rollux Layer 2 suite…


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