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45 Advice for Crypto Investors: How to Identify Projects for Prudent Investment?


1. Don’t be superstitious about BTC.d. Less than 20% of the people who enter the circle after 2020 have BTC, and they will not change their hedging into pie. In addition, the LTV of pie in DeFi and CeFi is high, and the implied leverage is even greater. , if you hold Shitcoin, it will be smashed when you unlock it, but it will be a later thing. You can’t leverage Shitcoin by itself, and Cex, CeFi or DeFi can’t be very good, so there is no negative cycle.

2. The main thesis, which cannot be used for investment, is that many people have already hedged, and secondly, the OTC transaction of locked-up tokens is also very active, which has been digested in many cases. If you really want to sell short, you also limit your positions to one or two. Intraday profit and loss should also be closed.

3. Look at the three roles of VC when picking projects

VCs who have heard the name a little can save the effort of checking whether the project party will be Hard Rug;
If the amount of financing is sufficient relative to the size and type of the team, there is no need to worry that they will not have enough money to pay salaries before dawn;
Projects with more than three junk VCs are not looked at directly.

In other cases, whether it is a big VC or a small VC or no VC is not the factor of the project

4. For Audit, Trails of Bits, OpenZepplin, ConsenSys are better, but they are only for reference. There are CertiK, Slowmist, Peckshield and these are also good, but the role of Audit is more to prove that the project party is willing to spend a “wasted money” into the project and is willing to spend time queuing for the Audit, instead of earning hundreds of thousands and cutting it within a few days, It is just a side dish to make users feel more at ease with Code. In addition, when you see junk, the Audit company can help you filter junk items.

5. The exchange should try to use the mainstream (Binance, FTX, Coinbase), others can open an account to trade some small coins, and be cautious about enlarging the money.

6. Get the…


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