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15,000-word report teaches you how to fight blockchain scams

SeeDAO IR Introduction : According to security data, nearly $3 billion has been lost to the crypto sector this year due to scams and security breaches. Every participant in the blockchain industry is tantamount to being in the “Great West” and is constantly exposed to the risk of privacy and property loss.

Although there have been some work in the industry to analyze blockchain fraud and security vulnerabilities, most of them are only for certain cases, or the discussion of the underlying mechanism is not deep enough. Therefore, we are delighted to bring you this 4D long article written by two experts in the field of network security, which provides you with a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of almost all current security risks and provide countermeasures.

Author of this article:

r0ckgh0st.eth: Yumingze, a graduate student in network security, a member of Conflux ToC, docking and assisting in the incubation of Web3 applications, published many papers in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, IEEE, information network security and other publications, lecturer of Seedao Web3 security course. His research interests in Web3 involve blockchain phishing analysis and prevention, blockchain supply chain attack mechanism and suppression, and he is relatively good at code auditing. Currently deeply involved in the development and integration of DID framework.

cybercaf.eth: digital nomad, member of Conflux ToC, core contributor of SeeDAO, member of SeeDAO Investment Research Association, core contributor of Web3 University, researcher in the field of Metaverse and cybersecurity.


Since the birth of the Internet, the field of attack and defense has always been a research hotspot; after the birth of the blockchain, due to its huge wealth effect and users’ lack of awareness of security, it has attracted countless hackers to attack. In the context of the rapid development of Defi and NFT in recent years, there are more and more phishing and fraud attacks using blockchain networks, and various attack scenarios and attack methods…


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