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10,000-character long text: In my eyes, the technological trends that are evolving in each track of the blockchain

Talk about what is happening in each sector recently, and the trends that may appear in the next 6-12 months

The whole will be divided into public chain, Defi (Dex, lending, stable currency, synthetic assets, etc.), NFT, Gamfi, storage sections

1. Let’s talk about the public chain first

The new trends of public chains are mainly in three categories: ETH+L2, Move+Diem gangsters, and modularity

1. ETH+L2

ETH, the order of the coming months to years is like this

Merge (expected September-December)
EIP4488 (expected by the end of the year or early next year) – reduce the cost of CallData and reduce the cost of L2 several times
EIP4844 – Proto-Danksharding (next year) – Introduce a new transaction type Blob, replace CallData, and further reduce the cost of Rollup
Danksharding – (2-4 years later) – Equivalent to Proto-Danksharding + sharding

ETH is good at everything, but everything is slow. .

2. L2

OP system

Arb – Well aware of the current pain points of L2, that is, it is still not cheap and fast enough (compared to Solana’s Alt L1 or Polygon’s sidechains), so while preparing for Nitro’s main network (using WASM architecture to greatly improve performance Reduced fees), while on Nova (side chain based on AnyTrust, but with Rollup as Backup, so it is much safer than general side chain)

Op – Coin issuance is the biggest highlight, and then the recently released BedRock architecture makes future multi-client possible – not only supports OP’s client, but also supports ZK

Fuel – I used a new language of Sway to make Swayswap. In the testnet demo, the speed is outrageous. I don’t know if this speed can be maintained after the mainnet is launched. It is worth mentioning that Fuel uses the UTXO model. It is well known that UTXO has the performance advantage of concurrent processing compared to the Account model, but because there is no shared state, it is not suitable for complex contract design. Fuel uses UTXO ID + strict state access list ( Strict Access List) technology to solve this problem



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