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10 Must-Have Cryptocurrency Research Tools

Edgy, founder of DeFi website TheDeFiEdge, recently shared 10 must-have cryptocurrency research tools he uses every day.

1. Uniwhale (Analytics Dashboard)

I use this tool to track cross-chain bridge activity between different L1s.

I can use UniWhale to observe the storage and withdrawal situation, and grasp the overall trend of L1.

2. Dune Analytics

Dune allows you to visualize different metrics and generate easy-to-understand charts.

From the application of DeFi to the dashboard of a specific dapp, everything becomes visualized.

ENS data visualization

3. Crypto Panic (news aggregator)

This is where I get most cryptocurrency news (besides Twitter).

Think of it as the Reddit of the cryptocurrency press.

There is so much news that you can’t read it.

I sort by the “Important” tag and filter out the valuable content from the mass of messages.

4. Santiment (encrypted intelligence platform)

Most people use it to view price charts.

Sanbase lets you combine price with other behaviors.

You can view price + development activity + social trends (among other metrics)

5. Nansen (on-chain analysis platform)

Its best feature is “Smart Money” – which tracks the top-performing whale accounts that have been verified. (e.g. funds and first movers)

Use it to see what smart money is buying so you can buy in before YouTubers start making videos.

6. Messari (Market Intelligence Platform)

I prefer to compare Messari to a Swiss Army Knife.

• Charts

• Price data

• research report

• Community screening

Analyze cryptocurrency’s most valuable metrics, available for $25 per month.

7. Token Terminal (cryptocurrency financial data)

People are fed up with inflationary tokens and paper money.

They want to see real earnings.

Use Token Terminal to see which blockchains and dapps are making money.

8. Fear & Greed Index (sentiment indicator tool)

It’s harder to find the truth when you read Twitter.

What if you’re following a group of always optimistic bullies?

I check the fear & greed index to get a better grasp of market…


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